Painted Garden Sticks

Why buy garden stakes when you can make your own?  I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try for a kids class at the nursery.  I collected sticks from a beautiful Dawn Redwood tree that I had recently pruned.  I also received some great black bamboo from a friend.  The bamboo sticks were ready to go, but the redwood sticks … Continue reading Painted Garden Sticks

Deciduous Conifers

Conifers generally are evergreen trees that produce their seeds in cones.   Familiar friends in this family include the fir, spruce, juniper, pine and yew.   There exists, however, a small secretive subgroup of conifers that dares to be different.   Perhaps trying to copy their cousins the maple and the oak,  these ‘evergreens’ are decidous!   This select group of  conifers  shed their needles … Continue reading Deciduous Conifers