The Magnolia Walk

Star magnolias are in bloom and I’m spotting them everywhere.  Since we’ve moved into our new house in the backwoods of King County, we’ve started exploring the neighborhood.  It’s always fun to walk around a new neighborhood and check out the plants.  While my kids are staring at the dog in the driveway I can’t take my eyes off of the well-placed alpine fir.  Others … Continue reading The Magnolia Walk

Star Magnolia

To me, the star magnolia doesn’t look like twinkling stars, but rather a sea full of dancing jellyfish, slowly opening their petals to the sun.  They appear static, yet they hint at movement.  This plant is spring itself, flying into the garden, rushing before the April showers and lightly drifting into May. The sweet blossom has a most delicious scent.  It does it’s job well … Continue reading Star Magnolia