Fresh New Growth—Yum!

  Today as I was admiring the fresh new growth on my Japanese Maple and saw something disturbing.   The buds were just breaking open with our warming April weather, unfurling delicious colors that were vibrant with life.  It must have been a signal to the Japanese Maple-eating pests, the dinner bell was ringing!  There were little black dots all over these new leaves. Black … Continue reading Fresh New Growth—Yum!

Japanese Maples…Deer Candy in Sammamish

Recently I watched as this deer tore off big bites of these luscious Japanese Maple leaves.  Freshly unfolded this spring, they were green and tender, just like a new spring salad.  Our small Washington city of Sammamish, home to almost 46,000 people, is surrounded by green.  We residents of the Northwest love/hate our green.  We demand that it stays, even though we continually try to fill … Continue reading Japanese Maples…Deer Candy in Sammamish