Kid Stuff—Recycled Planting Containers

It’s fun to see how many types of containers can be used for planting.  Just look around your home and you’ll get some great ideas.  In the pictures above we used cans, baskets, plastic buckets, a clam shell and even other plants (pumpkins)!  Other things I’ve noticed:  old boots, wheelbarrows, stones and bricks, tree stumps or pieces of driftwood, wooden crates, teapots, etc…. Just use … Continue reading Kid Stuff—Recycled Planting Containers

Kid Stuff—Cabbage acid indicator

This is a fun way to test the acidity of everyday materials by using cabbage.  The more I learn about plants, the more I see they hold the solutions to many of our problems—plants rock!  This experiment is from The Curious Boy’s Book of Exploration by Sam Martin, a book packed with entertaining challenges, puzzles, experiments, tricks and riddles (a red house is made of … Continue reading Kid Stuff—Cabbage acid indicator