Dr. Peter Raven Lecture—Conservation and Biodiversity

This week I attended the Miller Memorial Lecture by the esteemed botanist and conservationist Dr. Peter Raven, President emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden.  I was captivated from the beginning to the end.  Held on the University of Washington campus, the lecture lasted just over an hour.  The title was ‘Conserving Plants in a Changing World’, but this dialogue was less about plants and more … Continue reading Dr. Peter Raven Lecture—Conservation and Biodiversity

Beautiful Blueberries!

This variety of blueberry is one of the best.  Reka has a sweet and rich flavor.  It produces lots of berries even when young, and even when in a container, like mine.  Reka was developed in New Zealand for it’s vigor and adaptability to a wide range of Northern climates and soil types.  Berries are medium in size and delicious.  Tomorrow, blueberry pancakes!  What is … Continue reading Beautiful Blueberries!

Recycled Kids Garden

Take those leftover cans and turn them into a garden!  For this activity all that is needed is a can, a little paint, a few vegetable starts and some creativity.  For plant markers we made birch bark flags and wrote the names on them with a permanent marker.  Add sun, water and soil and little gardeners can grow their own food!         … Continue reading Recycled Kids Garden

Territorial Seed Company

I recently received a scrumptious catalog in the mail from Territorial Seed Company. They’re out of Oregon and I’ve had fun going through it and planning my small garden plot.  Not having full sun, I’m planning on a salad garden, with leafy greens and an herb garden.  Some of the things from the catalog that piqued my interest were (and I am not making these … Continue reading Territorial Seed Company