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Growing edible plants.

Beautiful Blueberries!


Blueberry ‘Reka’

This variety of blueberry is one of the best.  Reka has a sweet and rich flavor.  It produces lots of berries even when young, and even when in a container, like mine.  Reka was developed in New Zealand for it’s vigor and adaptability to a wide range of Northern climates and soil types.  Berries are medium in size and delicious.  Tomorrow, blueberry pancakes!  What is your favorite blueberry?

Recycled Kids Garden

Take those leftover cans and turn them into a garden!  For this activity all that is needed is a can, a little paint, a few vegetable starts and some creativity.  For plant markers we made birch bark flags and wrote the names on them with a permanent marker.  Add sun, water and soil and little gardeners can grow their own food!

Vegetables Garden in a Can

Birch Bark Plant Marker






























































An optimist is the human personification of spring. ~ Susan J. Bissonette

Territorial Seed Company

Seed Catalog

I recently received a scrumptious catalog in the mail from Territorial Seed Company. They’re out of Oregon and I’ve had fun going through it and planning my small garden plot.  Not having full sun, I’m planning on a salad garden, with leafy greens and an herb garden.  Some of the things from the catalog that piqued my interest were (and I am not making these up…they are in print, check for yourself!)  Crisp Mint Lettuce, Flashy Trout’s Back Lettuce,   Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce, Red Velvet Lettuce, Ruby Streaks Mustard Greens, Kyoto Mizuna Mustard Greens and Magenta Sunset Swiss Chard.  Suddenly I really want a salad!


Pike Place Market

For fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables, Pike Place Market in Seattle is the best!  We went there New Year’s Eve day.  I gazed lovingly at all the flowers, salivated at piles of fresh vegetables and fruits, bought a warm woolen hat handmade by Tibetan refugees in Nepal, greedily gobbled miniature donuts with my kids, looked at the gum wall with a slight feeling of nausea and watched the salmon fly.

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An Elf in the Onions

Green Elf, Green Onions

Falaroy the elf discovered a small patch of vegetables still growing in December, after the seeds were planted in May.  Allium all around!  He knew this must be a powerful plant to survive through freezing temperatures, multitudinous slugs and an onslaught of weeds and fallen leaves.  He’s going to cut a few leaves to store in his belt pouch.  They might be handy to season the kohlrabi stew or drive away the snalabies, which are always slithering around looking for an elven meal.

Garden Fence

I like this garden I drove by on Bainbridge Island.  It has horizontal space, typical two dimensional boxes, but also adds in a vertical space, providing an opportunity for plants that might trail and spread to instead travel up and out (peas, tomatoes, pumpkins).  It also gives support and an area to tie down tall unstable plants (flowering perennials, floppy shrubs).  And with gates that could be shut, it keeps out unwanted animals (deer and dogs).  I think it’s a very useful and attractive design and hope that I can see it during the productive summer months.

Garden Fence

Cold Frame

Trying to squeeze a few more fresh salads out of the season?  A simple cold frame can help.  Often made from recycled materials, they can protect tender plants from heavy rains and frosty nights.  I took this picture at the Seattle Flower and Garden show this year (no, that’s not my yard!).

Cold Frame