Rudbeckia Indian Summer

Rudbeckia ‘Indian Summer’ is a robust summer flower. I just snipped one from my garden and the stem is almost half an inch wide. It’s like holding a chunky wand with a ray of magical golden color on top. My plant is only one year old, but the flowers rise up almost three to four feet from the ground. Each plant has up to 12 blooms and it’s a great background plant in the garden. The flowers can get huge, 6-9″ across and a warm golden yellow. Indian Summer is easily grown from seed. This flower is named after Olof Rudbeck (1630-1702) a Swedish botanist. The species name hirta or hairy,  refers to the short bristles on stem and leaves. This is its first year in my garden, so time will tell about winter hardiness. A very happy plant, full of summer light.

img_3034Just the Facts
Rudbeckia hirta ‘Indian Summer’ 
Indian Summer Black Eyed Susan
Height 2′-4′ (3m) and Wide 2′ (.5m)
Zones  3-7 Full Sun, Consistent water, good drainage
Herbaceous perennial, short-lived, will re-seed,
Blooms June to Frost

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