This year nasturtiums have been a bright spot in my garden.  I brought some seedlings home from school in the spring and stuffed a bunch of them into two hanging baskets.  They are so cheery and a hummingbird favorite.  Even though they began well, I won’t grow nasturtiums in hanging pots again.  There doesn’t seem to be enough room for them.  They keep reaching and grabbing and look like they really have places to go.  But there is only so far they can go in a hanging pot.  And after two weeks of over 80  degrees F they have almost collapsed.  They seem to prefer more moisture than can be sucked out of a pot and they were difficult to keep hydrated in the heat.   Next year I’ll plant this happy annual in the ground, perhaps growing up a trellis.  Where do you grow nasturtiums?





5 thoughts on “Nasturtium

  1. I love nasturtiums but don’t grow them any more simply because they get so untidy and spread and get scorched in the sun. I think the answer is half-shade half-sun, which I don’t have much of! They never climb where I want them too either!

  2. One of my favourites! I planted nasturtiums in my community garden bed this year – my first time trying it. They are not doing as well as I had hoped – I guess it’s too hot for them there.

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