IP Man

This was one of my top gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  I loved all the conifers and the serene setting.  This garden was created by TreeLine Designz International as a retreat for a legendary martial arts master. In their words: The courtyard garden uses bonsai, bamboo, bulbous plants and other species to create a soothing place for meditation.  Natural stone sculptures, lanterns and benches, and handmade metal prayer wheels accentuate spiritual elements of this garden.  There were so many beautiful elements.  The bonsai trees are always captivating and I often pause a moment when I walk by them.  One of my favorite plants was the pine with the wavy needles (Pinus parviflora I think).  It looked soft and touchable, giving off the feeling of movement with those waves.  I really like seeing all the contrasts that the designers created with foliage…few flowers needed here!

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