Stop and Look! We’re Almost Gone….

Now that the wind and rain have arrived, the leaves are falling fast.  Those vivid reds, golden yellows and pumpkin oranges are lighting up the landscape.  Thank goodness for deciduous plants, they are the stars of the autumn show.  Each day they show off a slightly different color, almost chameleon-like, but instead of blending in they do the opposite.  They stand out.  They turn up the lights and plug into nature’s electricity.  They glow brighter and brighter until one day, boom!  It’s all over and they drift away, leaving only a memory behind.  Here are some of the gorgeous colors that stand out at the nursery right now.

6 thoughts on “Stop and Look! We’re Almost Gone….

  1. Things were really taking their time because it was so warm, but not anymore! We were scraping ice off the windshields yesterday and now all the trees are vying to out-do each other with color.

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