Bloedel Reserve

I had a great trip to Bainbridge Island last week, the highlight being the Bloedel Reserve.  It’s now one of my favorite gardens and I highly recommend it!  Here are the photos of this beautiful place…..

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5 thoughts on “Bloedel Reserve

  1. calvincaley

    Oh, Elaine, your photos express the diverse beauty of the gardens so well. Maybe it is only my bitterness talking, but did you notice how easily each garden and garden style blended into its natural surroundings? I loved the Reserve long before I moved to my current garden, but I love it even more now for how it shows that a Native Northwest forest can be so accomodating to non-native plants. There is a lesson there, to be sure. Please tell me you got treats at Mora Iced Creamery while you were over there!

    1. rainyleaf Post author

      Hi Calvin, No, I haven’t yet discovered the Mora Creamery….next time! I agree, the blending in the garden design of natives and ornamentals is seamless, and beautiful, and well done, and worthy of replication. Congrats to the Bloedel Reserve! They got it right.


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