Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowl

Have a sunny spot and a shallow container?  Try planting succulents that show off their silvery foliage, with some accents of white and pink.  Here are the plants:  bacopa and dichondra ‘silver falls’ for trailing, the stonecrops ‘cape blanco’ and sedum ewersii for succulent foliage, allysum for white, and dwarf pussy toes, antennaria dioica ‘minima’ for pink.  Most will remain small and compact and buddha will be pleased with his companions.

Planting containers can be created with a surprising number of things.  This Buddha bowl was made from an old fire pit carefully placed on a pile of rocks.  And who says plants have to be the only things in containers?  Even though this statue takes up a lot of space, he seems to complete this design and is a welcome sight at the entryway.

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