Four Season Containers

I planted these containers for a client last fall.  The topiary arborvitae was in place, but she wanted color for the winter (we are so lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest where we can have color in the winter!).  I added heuchera, a variegated carex sedge, a small heather, variegated lonicera (bush honeysuckle), pansies and chrysanthemums.  The mums didn’t make it beyond a few weeks, but everything else sailed through the winter, passed merrily into spring and is overjoyed that summer is almost here!  The pansies just won’t quit blooming, the heuchera has filled out, the lonicera continues to grow over the edge and I keep telling these two pots ‘you were supposed to be seasonal!  I was going to add spring color, summer sun (we did put in a few dahlias and petunias) or perhaps more perennials.  But instead of fading, you just kept getting better….more color, more texture, more flowers from those crazy pansies!’  I did fertilize with Alaska Fish Fertilizer once or twice a month and here are the results:

Autumn to Spring
Pansies Just Won’t Quit!
Heuchera Still Looking Good!

7 thoughts on “Four Season Containers

  1. I really like the mix of leaf colour here… especially the variegated leaves of the lonicera. Heucheras are invaluable! I have several, but my favourite is a really pale-leafed one that stays small and has luminous pink flowers!
    Your pink poppy in the side bar is gorgeous!

    1. I love poppies! I was at the local farmers market yesterday and couldn’t resist getting a flower bouquet with poppies and iris for only $5!

    1. With all the variety in colors, heuchera is pretty amazing. Lately I’ve been admiring the bright lime green one….it’s hard to miss!

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