Ancient Tree Discovered Today in the Heart of Seattle!

Seattle Old Growth

Today in the heart of Seattle a rare botanical find was discovered.  This extraordinary event had the blogosphere buzzing and created quite a horticultural hoopla.  Thought extinct, Needlus spaceosus variety ‘PNW’ was actually uncovered in the middle of this urban arena.  This rare sighting occurred during a brief 2 second clearing of the clouds of this perpetually misty city.  Residents gazed and children cried in delight as they witnessed this inconceivable wonder.  Heard to only appear once a year on this day, it was first sighted in 1962.  This tree is a perfect specimen with delicate foliage, perfect ovate leaves, and a beautiful russet red bark that has a sprayed-on texture.  This Pacific Northwest Native will probably spark an entire tourist industry.  Stay alert!  Who knows when another blue sky event may happen?

Just the Facts
Needlus spaceosus ‘PNW’
Zone 1-20
Height 605 feet
Width 138 feet
Do not plant in direct sun, will wither and die
Grows in moist environments near Puget Sound
Blooms in early July, red, white and blue
Scent is part exhaust fumes mixed with crayola, unforgettable

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