Roses Everywhere starting with Zephirine Drouhin

My Zephirine Drouhin Rose just began blooming.  Of course, everything is so slow to get started this year, due to our cool, wet spring.  Plants want heat to bud and break open and smile at the sun.  And finally, the roses are doing just that.  I planted my Zephirine in our small vegetable garden.  Why?  My goal is to have roses in every part of my yard.  Front, back, pots, borders, beds everywhere because I love them and want to spread the joy.  I don’t like  just herding them all together into a ‘rose garden’.  I want a garden with roses throughout.  In unexpected places.  Combining their scents and colors with trees, shrubs,  perennials and vegetables too!  My shouldn’t a tomato have a rose for a companion?  Do they always have to be neighbors with the parsley and peas?  Let’s see what happens when they change their social circle and mingle with the unpredicted.  Roses and onions?  Roses and dwarf pines?  Roses and salal?  A rose peeking out from tall grass or winding together with clematis?  It all sounds good to me.

This rose is different.  It’s thornless.  It’s an old garden rose in the category of bourbon.  These were the first repeat flowering roses created from the china roses.  It can be grown as a climber or a moderate to large shrub.  The flower clusters have about five buds, and the flower color is a deep pink or cerise.  The scent is very rosey.  Sweet, intoxicating, perfect.  It is known to be a vigorous plant that blooms in partial shade (perfect for my yard!)  I am looking forward watching it top the trellis and mingle with the lettuce.

Zephirine Drouhin Rose
Climbing Zephirine Drouhin

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