Moss Gardens

I found an interesting nursery that sells moss for gardens.  There is a lot of potential with this plant.  Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s everywhere and most people just want to get rid of it.  Moss-out for the lawns, moss off the trees, no moss for me, please.  But here is a company, Moss Acres,  that promotes moss gardens and the creative use of moss (see remarkable chair above).  The colors are beautiful, deep and rich.  Isn’t this a plant that we have overlooked too many times?  Unseen because it’s everywhere?  On many trees, most lawns, quite a few roofs, gravel, rock and log.  Shouldn’t we be working with it instead of against it?  I’m ready for a moss garden.  I think I already have a few!

3 thoughts on “Moss Gardens

  1. This moss chair is so intriguing. I grew up in B.C. with a lot of moss. I loved it. Whoever thought of this moss chair must have loved it even more.

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