Japanese Umbrella Pine

This unique tree was featured in several displays at the NW Flower and Garden Show.  Sciadopitys verticillata, or the Japanese Umbrella Pine, has lustrous, thick dark green needles that spread in whorls from the ends of the branches.  Once you see this tree, you won’t forget it, it’s unlike anything else, this living fossil.   It makes a great container tree, only growing about 6 … Continue reading Japanese Umbrella Pine

WSNLA Display Garden

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show had lots of blooming, fragrant flowers in the display gardens.  One of these was the bronze medal winning WSNLA garden designed by Gregory Smaus of Native Root Designs.  Here are some words from the creator:  “Our innovative design utilizes a culturally sensitive plant palette, permeable paving, recycled glass, and a living wall. It embraces the dream of spring from … Continue reading WSNLA Display Garden

Grunge Elf

Falaroy the elf entered the Northwest Flower and Garden Show with trepidation.  He was drawn towards the gardens, but wary of the theme…music.  How would this be represented?  His elven ears were sensitive to human strumming and drumming and pounding that was always present in their world.  When you can hear the flute-like melody of the flowers, the rhythmic concert of the grasses and the … Continue reading Grunge Elf