Olympic National Park

Here are some images from our rainy walk through this beautiful place, the Olympic National Park.  The forest was alive, glowing green.  Every tiny square inch had something growing on it.  Mosses, lichens, ferns, huckleberries, salal, sitka spruce, maples and more.  How does this area produce such a spectacular forest?  Here is the recipe, from the National Park Service: Ocean-Born Forests The lush forests in … Continue reading Olympic National Park

Moss Garden at Bloedel Reserve

I had yet another unexpected plant surprise when I visited the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island this week.  I had been looking forward to exploring this renowned public garden for some time, but didn’t anticipate what I found when I drifted down a sunny path and came upon the moss garden.   A natural garden filled with waves of moss.  Swimming over the soil, covering … Continue reading Moss Garden at Bloedel Reserve

Plants—Part of our Planet

We live with them, right next to them, yet most of us know so little of them.  Side by side, leaning on a tree trunk, pulling off leaves, laying on the grass—-they’re our neighbors.  We live on the same planet, soak in the same sunlight, yet most people don’t know how to grow them.  “I need something for a dark shady covered porch with no … Continue reading Plants—Part of our Planet