Gypsy Dog Plants

Hiking with a dog is so many things. Exhuberant, comical, frustrating and sometimes a little frightening, especially if the trail is narrow and the altitude high. Luckily my canine companion enjoys the outdoors and discovering new plants just as much as I do. Nosing in the heather, sniffing through ferns and leaping over boulders, she is filled with excitement and delight. Unfortunately she does not … Continue reading Gypsy Dog Plants

Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry–A Tree for the Moment

The double pure white blossoms of the Mount Fuji flowering cherry opened last month and I knew that was my favorite tree.  It called to me on my walks and I kept getting drawn to it.  My dog tried to get me over where the grass smelled like several shades of pee, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of this tree.  Petals so white, … Continue reading Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry–A Tree for the Moment