Fritillaria imperialis

Spring always brings surprises.  Leaves that are normally green unfurl red, tight buds open to a flurry of petals and leaves, that which was hidden suddenly smiles at the sun.  This is such a plant.  This fritillaria seems almost tropical and out of place in our Northern land of daffodils and tulips.  It reminds me of a pineapple or a palm tree.  A disturber of … Continue reading Fritillaria imperialis


Fritillaria or the checkered lily doesn’t seem very plant-like.  It hasn’t the natural swirls and twirls of many things organic, but rather a geometric pattern, like someone has placed a stencil over the petals and shaded in those little squares.  Squares???   Where else in the botanical world do we see squares? There are lots of dots and spots, splashes and dashes, solids and stripes, … Continue reading Fritillaria