3 Trees—New Varieties for 2015

Variegated Stellar Pink Dogwood (Cornus kousa x Cornus florida)  I’ve seen trees like this before.  On the Monrovia site you can find three variegated Cornus kousa; Samaritan, Wolf Eyes and Summer Fun, but they all have white flowers.  As the human race is constantly searching for the next new thing, now arrives the variegated dogwood with a Pink flower.  Dogwoods always look so spindly and … Continue reading 3 Trees—New Varieties for 2015

Different Dogwoods

A dogwood is a dogwood is a dogwood…..Maybe, but maybe not.  Here are some tips for distinguishing between the different species of dogwoods. (Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs, by Michael A. Dirr, Pub. 1997) Cornus florida–Flowering dogwood.  Low branched tree with rounded to flat-topped crown and strong horizontal branching.  Leaves dark green, 3-6 inches long, excellent red to reddish purple fall color.  3-4 inch white … Continue reading Different Dogwoods