The Moth Dance

Yesterday was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.  It’s a bittersweet feeling for me, because for the last six months I’m longing for this day of light and for the next six months I’m reminiscing about this summer light.  Early morning light and late evening light.  Light that wakes me up with its bright intensity and light that puts me to bed with its soft glow.  It says, you don’t need the moon or the ‘faults in the stars’, because I’m still here, perfect sunlight, light unsurpassed. For a gardener it’s the best day of the year.  The plants have 16 hours of sunlight to work the wonders of photosynthesis.  We have 16 hours to pull weeds, plant and fertilize.  I rarely see moths feeding in my garden and this one didn’t seem to mind the sun shining radiantly still, at 7 pm, as it danced around my erysimum.  It’s collecting nectar, I”m gathering light.

2 thoughts on “The Moth Dance

    1. Yes, it was hard to go inside on June 21. And now it’s June 22 and it’s a beautiful day, but there’s something missing. The magic is gone!

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