New Zealand Earth and Sky

New Zealand Landscape
European Gorse....An invasive species in New Zealand

My brother is a really good photographer.  I love this picture he took in New Zealand!  It’s one of those photos that draws you in. Grassy field and blue, blue sky.  Very simple, yet so engaging.  I long to walk on that smooth green grass.  No, not walk…run really, really fast.  I want to fly over the hill and see what’s on the other side (after I stop at the tree for a quick ID).  The two girls in purple hats.  One is just returning from adventure, one waits.  They are separate, yet together.  The line between earth and sky creates such a definite boundary.  We see that rarely where I live…too many trees!   I believe he told me that the movie The Hobbit was being filmed in this area.  The second photograph below is a shrubby plant, yellow flowers against another bright blue New Zealand sky.  I’m still working on the identity of the plant, can anyone beat me to it?

2 thoughts on “New Zealand Earth and Sky

  1. This looks like a gorse bush (Ulex) to me. It grows in profusion along the east coast of England (Ulex europaeus)… the more exposed and rockier the better! And the flowers are mid-late summer, which could be about right for New Zealand now… Hope I’ve helped!

  2. Yes, I think you got it Cathy! I just discovered that gorse is considered a noxious weed in these parts and not at all welcome. Ulex europaeus (gorse) is a huge invasive in New Zealand as well, and millions of dollars are spent on controlling it. Thanks for the ID!

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