Casa Blanca Lily

Casa Blanca is a magic lily that disappears in the winter and is reborn each spring.  It is a favorite of the August garden when it blooms.  It gazes out in every direction with its five or six velvety white flowers, scenting the atmosphere with a sweet dreamy fragrance.  The stalks are strong and three to four feet tall.  This oriental lily hybrid seemed to adapt well to our summer heat, without a wilt or a droop, although it thrives in slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soil.  Plant this lily in the sun, from a nursery plant or a bulb and fertilize once in the spring, adding compost to ensure healthy growth.  I planted mine from a one gallon plant three years ago in my front yard and have now transferred it to a container since we moved.   This lily is easy to care for; when the flowers fade, dead-head and when the foliage dies, cut it back.  Careful of the pollen, it brushes off easily and will stain clothes.  Fall is also the time to dig and divide the bulbs, but replant immediately.  The Casa Blanca Lily can grow in USDA zones 4-8 and will come back to enchant gardeners every year.

Casa Blanca Lily

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