Great Plant Picks

Looking for a plant that likes you?  Or rather, likes where we live?  Knowledgeable professionals have compiled a selection of over 800 plants compatible to the maritime Northwest.  Plants picked just for our gardens.  This takes the guesswork out of many of our purchases.  Every year has a theme.  2010 was Fantastic Foliage and this year, 2011, it’s Fun in the Sun.  Plants picked for sun and drought tolerance.  The website features plant lists, pictures and all kinds and good solid information about plant qualities, culture, growing habits and hardiness.  These ‘chosen’ plants can bring confidence to the timid and familiarity to the unknown.  It’s fun to see which picks are recognizable (Mahonia nervosa–Oregon grape) and others that are not  (Dracocephalum grandiflorum–Dragon’s head).  Lately with our dry and warm summers, this list will be very useful.  Take a few minutes and browse the website and see how many of these plants are already in your garden.

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