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At the Nursery in Wellington

We visited the local garden center today, Palmer’s,  and it was fun to see so many familiars mixed in with some strange new species.  They were selling winter flowers like pansies and cyclamen, ornamental cabbage and primroses.  I also recognized camellias, azaleas, roses and choisya in the nursery.  It was strange because almost everything was evergreen.  There were a few deciduous shrubs, I saw a viburnum, but not much else.  Leucadendron was new to me, as well as Metrosideros ‘Kawa Copper’ and many more which I can’t remember (I’m still feeling the jet lag). It was great to see so many varieties of Hebe and many of them were in bloom.  On our beach walk today I saw a three foot tall plant that was in flower, the leaf resembling a pelargonium.  I’m not sure what it is, but I was impressed with its size.  It was another beautiful winter day, with temps about 55 degrees F, the sun shining and a cool breeze blowing off the bay.  As soon as the clouds clear out we will be looking for the Southern Cross in the sky, then I’ll really know I”m not in Washington anymore.