Choisya ternata, an evergreen shrub with fragrant spring flowers, what’s not to like? Actually, the foliage has a pungent odor, which I find invigorating, but others are turned off by it. I knew someone who decided to buy this plant, but after purchasing it and putting it in their car, the scent was so unappealing to them in the enclosed space that they promptly returned … Continue reading Choisya

Red Flowering Currant

The bright blossoms of Ribes sanguineum are a sign that  spring has arrived.  The red flowering currant has rosy red blossom clusters that cover a mature shrub in the spring, creating quite a show.  Most of the spring colors are pastels, soft daffodil yellows, light cherry pinks, but this plant is bright and beautiful.  Almost a summer color.  The name Ribes means ‘acid tasting’ referring … Continue reading Red Flowering Currant