Outstanding Annuals: Marigolds

  The french marigold, Tagetes patula, is a sunny flower Native to South America that grows easily with adequate light and water.  Some may say they have been around forever and they are too common.  Take a close up view and notice how they pop with color.  Like an orange cup coral, they liven up their surroundings with a rich glow.  They grow 6-18 inches … Continue reading Outstanding Annuals: Marigolds

Outstanding Annuals: Cosmos

This bright flower is one of my favorites.  Words to describe?  Light, delicate, ruffled, tissue-paper, soft and cheerful.  I like the contrast of the wide smooth petals with the fine, feathery foliage.  The best part is the blooms continue all summer and into the fall.  Such great value at so little a price.  The plants in the photo above I purchased for just under $2.00 … Continue reading Outstanding Annuals: Cosmos


The Canary Islands, native home of echium Some things don’t work out.  Growing Echium in Sammamish.  New Years resolutions.  Life.  The lava mouse.  Echium pininana is a brilliant plant, but difficult here in the Northwest.  A biennial, it produces a flower spike in it’s second year up to 18 feet tall.  This tower of small blue flowers will suck any gardener into a bee-buzzed trance. … Continue reading Echium