The Plant That Will Start Anyone Blogging—The Lifesaver Plant

img_1186Huernia zebrina is the lifesaver plant. The plant that inspired me to start writing after a distracted break from blogging.  When something comes into my life, something usually has to go out and unfortunately my dear rainyleaf was the victim when I began teaching early morning seminary to the youth of my church. But it’s still summer and I’m ready reacquaint myself with WordPress once again. I’m more than ready, I’m excited to talk about plants!  I received this tender succulent from Sandy, the owner of Sunshine Enterprises, a wholesale nursery in the state of Washington. She grows herbs, geraniums, succulents and lots of other cool stuff.  At first glance this plant is cactus-like. Small, green and prickly.  Bumpy and spreading, it doesn’t have much to recommend it until summer arrives and this fantastic flower arrives.  It looks and feels just like a gummy lifesaver.  It’s incredible! This plant is a tender succulent and I brought it inside last winter. It appears to overwinter outside in zones 9 and above. It is easy to propagate from stem cuttings.  A piece of mine broke off and has easily rooted just sitting on top of the soil.  Perhaps it’s the color, but this flower seems very un-plant-like.  Maybe it’s the shape.  Who has ever seen anything like this outside of a roll of lifesaver candies? I’m looking forward to wathcing mine grow and producing more delicious flowers each year. Once sources says that Huernia is in the same family as Euphorbia, making it poisonous, so don’t eat it. But it’s definitely worth growing just for its funky flower.

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