Today is the one year anniversary of Rainyleaf:  All shades of green, a plant perspective.  It’s my blogiversary!  January 16 2011 was my first post.  I began writing to find a way to create something.  At the time I felt like life was squeezing me too hard and swallowing me up.  I was wilting and dropping leaves.  This blog gave me a space to breathe and a place for new growth after a cold, dark winter.  I continue to enjoy Rainyleaf as I read and write about plants, and a few other things along the way (yes, I like elves).  Rainyleaf is not about my personal garden, which is in an ignominious state, but plants everywhere.  Last year I had just read Michael Pollan’s book, The Botany of Desire, and it’s influence is throughout this blog.  Plants in charge?  Plants manipulating humans?  It’s a new way to look at the green world around us and I love his ideas.  Now, with over 6,ooo views, I’m ready for the next year.  I’m excited to include my brother’s plant pictures from New Zealand.  I look forward to more research and investigation into interesting species.  I can’t wait to find new places to visit and fabulous plants to photograph.  At times I wonder what more could I possibly write about, but then I realize….they’re always out there…those plants.  I’m surrounded!  Photosynthesis is buzzing in my ears.  With flowers blooming in every season and leaves continually growing and falling, this botanical business never stops.  I won’t either, because I love it!

Witchhazel blooming January 2011

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