My ‘Free’ Day at the Museum

For those of us who live on the Eastside, it now costs to cross over Lake Washington to Seattle.  Are tolls this expensive everywhere else?  Thank you  museums for providing a free day, I wouldn’t go without you, but why is ‘free’ so expensive?

1.  $3.50 toll crossing the 520 bridge to Seattle at peak time

2.  $3.00 parking fee at UW campus to visit the Burke Museum

3.  $9.00 spent on a book at University Bookstore (The Encyclopedia of Country Living) to validate my parking, which parking necessitated by not wanting to recross the 520 during peak time.

4.  $2.80 toll crossing the bridge on 6pm return trip

Total  $18.30 for my ‘free’ museum day (plus gas)  Was it worth it?  Of course….I love field trips!

We pay for our views here in Seattle

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