My New Greenhouse

Little Greenhouse

My husband and kids made this greenhouse for me out of six recycled glass doors, two recycled windows and 2×4’s. It measures five feet across, seven feet in length and 6’6″ in height. I can’t wait to move my ‘I’m crazy to grow these in Washington’ plants into it. Myer Lemon, banana tree, gardenia, Fatshedera vine and the Abutilon I’m overwintering. We’ve had a relatively mild winter, so there hasn’t been much damage on these tender varieties. I hope to put a few shelves and lights in for spring seed starting.

2 thoughts on “My New Greenhouse

  1. How very cool…I always wanted a greenhouse but my garden plan was made and done before I thought of it…here in the cold and snow I am not sure how extensive a greenhouse I would need to do all i want…instead I have a grow station with 2 shelves and grow lights in the basement…getting it revved up this weekend finally

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