Octopus Hydrangea

Leggy Vanilla Strawberry

This is the famous Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea.  Such a beautiful transition in colors from light cream to pretty pink.  But the shape is like an octopus, reaching it’s tentacles out, searching for food.  Maybe Vanilla Strawberry is looking for sun?  Nitrogen?  Hydration?  Space?  It doesn’t seem to have found what it needs.  Not on this land.  Not in this pot.  I’ve had this plant for two years.  When I first saw it at the nursery it was the last one left.  I watched the colors transform over a month and brought it home for the flower.  Such sweet colors.  The first year our dog chewed a few stems off.  The second year it was dug up and  moved to a pot.  Now it has become an octopus.  The solution will possibly be pruning and staking.  No more tentacles, no suction cups.

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