Homemade Kelp Fertilizer

I just visited Alki Beach in Seattle and brought home some washed up kelp to feed my garden.  Here is a recipe I found from the book Great Garden Formulas by Benjamin and Martin (Editors) that I really want to try. It’s packed with good stuff and is even more fun if you harvest the kelp yourself!

1  part kelp meal
2  parts alfalfa meal
4  parts any combination cottonseed meal, fish meal
and/or soybean meal

1  part rock phosphate

1. Mix all ingredients thoroughly while wearing a dust mask, gloves and safety goggles.
2. Use up to 3 cups for each mature rosebush, perennial or shrub. For annuals and herbs, use only up to 11/2 cups. for midsize fruit trees, use up to 6 cups.
3. Apply two to three times a year.

Washed up Kelp
Alki Beach, Seattle
Seaweed at Alki

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