Aphids for dinner


Tonight I released hundreds of live ladybugs on aphid-covered roses.  They had been in a plastic container in a fridge for months and as soon as they began to warm up, they were active and hungry.  They swarmed out onto my hand, wrist and up my arm.  To have any other bug crawling all over my skin would have been more than unsettling.  But something about these bright little beetles makes it okay.  Especially since they are so polite as to have ‘lady’ in their name.  But these little beauties have a dark side.  They are amazing predators.  Feasting, munching, chewing and lunching on aphids, those bad bugs that suck the life out of our plants.  By the end of the ladybugs life, they can consume up to 5,000 aphids.  Busy little bugs.  This web site (http://www.ladybuglady.com) has all kinds of info on ladybugs.  If you are looking for an organic pest control, try ladybugs in your garden!

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