Larch and Flax Red Container

This is the container I created named Rio, because my daughter said it reminded her of a parrot.  The color theme is red, with a silver accent and here are the players:

For Height
1.  Weeping Larch tree:  Larix decidua ‘pendula’
2. New Zealand Flax: Phormium cookianum ‘flamingo’
3. Fuchsia ‘gartenmeister bonstedt’

For Color
1. Heather: Calluna ‘spring torch’
2. Stonecrop: Sedum spathulifolium
3. Sedum: Sempervivum pacific ‘blazing star, tectorum red flush, black’
4. Begonia mocca scarlet: ‘carnea’
5. Japanese painted Fern: Athyrium niponicum
6. Dusty Miller ‘cirrus’
7. Coleus ‘glennis’

For Trailing
1. Amazon Sunset parrots beak
2. Euonymous fortunei ‘wolong ghost’
3. Blackie Sweet Potato Vine: Ipomoea batatas
4. Creeping Charlie: Glechoma hederacea

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