The Landscape Experience

Hello everybody,
My name is Caleb D. Nelson. I am excited to be invited as a regular contributor to this fantastic blog. Rainyleaf is about my favorite things in this world: plants. Or more specifically the environments that plants create.

I am a landscape designer with a B.S. in Urban Horticulture. Also I am a certified healing garden designer. I have been designing gardens and outdoor spaces professionally for nearly 4 years. I am fascinated with the experience that outdoor spaces, and the plants that populate them, provide to us. Landscape is an art. It is not just a visual or sensory art, but an experiential art, as we move through and interact with the different elements within the landscape. We feel, see, hear, smell, the plants, the water, the birds. We discover vignettes of color and texture as we move through the space. We contemplate the mysteries of life (at least our own lives) as we sit in a shady, quiet space, nestled among our favorite plants.
We EXPERIENCE plants, not just see them.

I love nature and the healing power that it offers to those who have access to it. If you are reading this blog, you know firsthand the power that I’m referring to. We all feel it in some way, whether it is in your backyard planting flowers or vegetables (my favorite), or enjoying the sun on your face on a sunny Seattle afternoon. Nature’s peace is there for everyone.

My goal as a contributor is to share with you ideas on exciting and appropriate plant choices for the Pacific Northwest, how to display them, what things you can do to create your own special nature experience, and perhaps some random things to inspire you. Of course if you need some personal help, I’m always just a phone call or email away.
I look forward to being part of your nature experience.

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