Washington Park Arboretum

Viburnum fostensCamellia japonicaPaperbark MapleCyclamen

The Washington Park Arboretum is beautiful  this time of year.  Walking through the grove of witchhazel, scents swirling, will bring a smile out on even the darkest of days.  This was a dark day.  I had been hoping to make it to the arboretum for the last month.  Finally, we were going to be in Seattle, so I planned on stopping for pictures on the way home.  Unfortunately, I missed the exit, had to drive the 520 bridge twice.  Kids got cranky.  Lunch was late.  Fighting ensued.  We arrived at the arboretum.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  Just a few pictures, I’ll be right back!  I jumped out, ran towards the winter garden, my goal in sight.  Turned on my camera.  Turned on my camera.  Turned on my camera!  The batteries were dead!   Feelings of anguish, pain, sadness, agony and disgust went through my head all in 2 seconds.  I’m going anyway, I said to myself.  I marched to the winter garden….not happy.  I came to the witchhazel…. happy!  Renewed, refreshed, restored.  I pulled out my i-phone and took these lousy pictures.  With a lot of imagination you can tell what a great place the arboretum is in February.  Hidden sights and scents and surprises around each bend.  A little ray of sun peeking through a dark winter day.

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