November Days

I’ve often wandered through gardens in November thinking, ugh, it’s all dying! There is nothing beautiful left as the cold and the rains disassemble the plants, breaking them down and washing away the vibrant color and energy of spring and summer. At first glance it seems to be true. What is special about November? A birthday, Thanksgiving, maybe the first snowfall? But on closer inspection … Continue reading November Days

At the Nursery in October

  Color! Contrast! Life! October is such a great time to visit the nursery.  Fall is ripe and seasoned.  The plants are mature, having reached a level of sophistication unknown in spring. Spring is a baby.  Wet and new, simple and filled with potential.  Summer is a carefree youth, mellow.  The bright sun covering every living thing with a joyful facade. Just hinting at the … Continue reading At the Nursery in October

Fall and Winter Containers

It’s time to refresh those containers full of leggy petunias and wilting zinnias.  Luckily we don’t have to toss our tired pots into the shed for the winter, we can grow plants here in the Pacific Northwest year round.  A winter container might not have the summer zing or the bright excitement of annuals, but we can show off engaging evergreens and subtle shades of … Continue reading Fall and Winter Containers