Beautiful Blueberries!

This variety of blueberry is one of the best.  Reka has a sweet and rich flavor.  It produces lots of berries even when young, and even when in a container, like mine.  Reka was developed in New Zealand for it’s vigor and adaptability to a wide range of Northern climates and soil types.  Berries are medium in size and delicious.  Tomorrow, blueberry pancakes!  What is … Continue reading Beautiful Blueberries!

Blueberries….What’s the Difference?

It begins in early spring when a wide variety of Blueberry plants arrive at the local nurseries.  They are small, mostly one gallon, and appear reluctant.  Holding on to that dormant state with only the fat buds as a promise of the harvest ahead.  It ends in mid-summer with those once shy shrubs now  producing handfuls of sweet blue berries.  The branches are heavy with … Continue reading Blueberries….What’s the Difference?