Fritillaria imperialis

Spring always brings surprises.  Leaves that are normally green unfurl red, tight buds open to a flurry of petals and leaves, that which was hidden suddenly smiles at the sun.  This is such a plant.  This fritillaria seems almost tropical and out of place in our Northern land of daffodils and tulips.  It reminds me of a pineapple or a palm tree.  A disturber of … Continue reading Fritillaria imperialis

Rhododendrons Uncovered

  A quick trip to the nursery last week led to an exciting discovery.  I usually pass right on by the rhododendron displays because we have so many of them here in the Northwest.  Hundreds and hundreds….thousands…millions…there are a lot of rhodies around here!  But these drew my attention immediately because of their striking differences.  The Makinoi rhododendron has beautiful lanceolate, almost linear, leaves.  They … Continue reading Rhododendrons Uncovered