All Shades of Green—-A Plant Perspective

Moss Gardens


I found an interesting nursery that sells moss for gardens.  There is a lot of potential with this plant.  Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s everywhere and most people just want to get rid of it.  Moss-out for the lawns, moss off the trees, no moss for me, please.  But here is a company, Moss Acres,  that promotes moss gardens and the creative use of moss (see remarkable chair above).  The colors are beautiful, deep and rich.  Isn’t this a plant that we have overlooked too many times?  Unseen because it’s everywhere?  On many trees, most lawns, quite a few roofs, gravel, rock and log.  Shouldn’t we be working with it instead of against it?  I’m ready for a moss garden.  I think I already have a few!

3 thoughts on “Moss Gardens

  1. This moss chair is so intriguing. I grew up in B.C. with a lot of moss. I loved it. Whoever thought of this moss chair must have loved it even more.

  2. Why don’t people like moss more? It’s thick and rich and chocolaty…..

  3. Our garden club is looking for a speaker on moss gardens. We’re in Puyallup and Tacoma Washington. Does anyone know anyone? karla.stover@gmail.com

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